Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Raphael Saadiq "Let's Take a Walk"

take a walk outside from videos222 on Vimeo.

I'm not sure why I decided that this would be best on this blog, but I did. I'm not sure that I'm even crazy about it. I do love doo-wop, but maybe I don't like such obvious throw backs, you know, maybe I want something a little more subtle. I feel like this kid has just watched the VH1 Temptations movie as much as I did and told the director I want that. I could be wrong... but those were david ruffin glasses.

I think my main point this evening is that there is a shift going on in the pop world. And I don't know if I mention this at all but I feel like everything is going back to the 50's. About five and half years ago I started to make this change in myself. I wore more casual slacks and shirts with collars. But at the time it was just my mom and dad asking me why I was dressing like an old man. Since that time I've gone back and forth in between jeans and trousers, but after my late night online shopping spree I'm totally going for it. I bought nothing but slacks and sweaters and a beautiful hat that I just learned is shipping. This hat:

I'm no trend setter though, I'm just a guy who dresses kinda weird and then all of a sudden is a complete trendster without changing a thing. Its used to bother me in high school but then I went through that I don't care what people think of me stage, but now I'm in that I do care what people think of me, but in a healthy way. What I'm really trying to say is, I'm bout to look goooooooood.

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