Saturday, April 11, 2009

So the other night, there was a church dance. And you should know that church dances are very removed from normal college clubbing atmospheres. We have a book of conduct that says dance rooms should be well lit inviting the presence of the holy ghost. Because as it turns out he's afraid of the dark. this little light of mine is nothing more than a mickey mouse night light. I've had it since I was five. And the dancing at these dances is partially rhythmic partially swing with the understanding that both terms are relative. So I went to this dance and I was not excited to go. I was a camp counselor for a few summers and I figured I'd see some of my kids that had turned 18 recently. I was right. And I felt obligated to ask them to dance, that inward feeling that tugs at my ego. I was a very cool counselor. It also just so happens that I am on the committee that organized this particular dance. I'm a very person and I don't really have time to help as much as I should, between school, a job, private business and My time is stretched thin. And I'm not sure but I think it was my responsibility to find a dj, being the most sensibly urban of the group. But I just didn't have the time you know? So I told them I know someone, he's really cool, very fashionable, great taste...His name is Mac...He's an mp3j he's got a great interface. Mac wasn't available so they ended up going with some geek named Dell. so I get to the party, its just as I expected, and I didn't want to dance. they had lighting and streamers and they forgot about decorating so half hour before it started we just grabbed all of the holiday decorations we could find and figured we'd have a multi-holiday theme, you know? Why spread out the holidays when we can just cram 'em in before easter. The decorations were a smash! I saw Father Christmas and the Great Pumpkin forming a limbo line. The thanksgiving turkey started laying eggs and the easter bunny got jealous. John Smith left Pocahontas for one of the Angels Heard on High. All was going well until Dell started to fatigue. He became an emotional wreck when he started playing Disturbia after playing a Chris Brown song, started to skip and we found ourselves without music at a dance. Now I do not DJ. It is not my thing. Somethings are, some are not. I don't do dances and especially not church dances, my tastes...are to worldly. But alas I was the one with the ipod in my pocket, which is funny because I almost left my house with out it but something told me to go back and get it, I think it was the mickey mouse night light. And so I plugged into the sound system and started playing Prince, it was off of his songs formally known as hits record. I had it. 1999 is a little ironic ten and twenty years later. Its like reading 1984 or watching Demolition Man with sylvester stallon. I was very worried about censorship. I kept screening the songs for curse words before I played them. I started to run out of clean wholesome dance music toward the end of the I began to frantically download pirated clean versions of songs formally know as hits.
so thats my perpetual lesson in reading the fine print before you volunteer to do anything.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Announcement Doodles

this sunday's doodle was inspired by one of my top five favorite tv shows, Friday Night Lights. I won't say how the season ended or anything but you could say that this picture is a clue. I will say that I was completely satisfied with the season as a whole, I think there was a certain amount of closure that I needed and a good amount of cliff hanging.