Friday, February 20, 2009

Catchin up w/ SNL

So its been a while since i've caught up with Saturday Night Live and today I found this little gem from Keenan on James Harrison the Line Backer for the Steelers that ran back a 100 yard interception and went on oxygen immediately after scoring because he was so out of breath. Enjoy.

I think he's still out of breath. I've never seen a man stay winning and losing at the same time before.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

America let me tell you something.

America. Yesturday I watched bernie mac show and realized that he did what could be qualified as the first vlog of scripted sitcom history. So now in memory of funny man bernie mac I will be referring to my audience as "America" so I hope you really are American.
America we have a serious problem. Now I realize that my last post was doom and gloom dreams not commin true and whatnot I stand by that. dreams don't come true, plans do and my plans don't match my night time dreams America! My problems today exist in reality or rather perceived reality. I just realized that I spent the weekend romances watching startrek next generation with my roommate dixon. What's happening to me America? Have I lost my mojizzle? Tell me America about your mojoless weekend if you had one. If you indeed had a date then in the censored words many a movie watched on network tv, buzz off.

I woke up a little saddened by my dream this morning.

I have a couple prefaces to this entry to point out ironic findings and also to preserve abiguity.
Preface 1: I'm a contractor listed on angie's list so of course I get spammed and the latest email was valentimes themed. It said "mending a broken heart?" which is ironic because it was an add to find a good cardiologist which I don't need nor do I have a broken heart in the traditional sense of the idiom. None the less I was in fact nearly heart broken because of this dream, and the timing of this spam, I felt, was apt.
Preface 2 (to preserve ambiguity): I am a very visual person. My memory works like watching a video. I can see events very clearly in my mind, it's not photographic though because I can't sit down and memorize a book, it's filmographic and plays like a video. So my dreams are extremely vivid and I almost always remember them and everyone I've met in my life shows up in them. Last night my high school quarterback was there with a few people I met at college in class a couple of semesters ago and they knew each other, so there you go.
Also last night another friend showed up in my dream. This was the second time she's showed up in my dreams (don't worry it was all clean). What's wierd is the first time she showed up in my dream I hadn't met her in real life yet but it was her and this time our meeting carried the complications of our real life relationship. As we were walking my high school quarterback shot me a text and then I looked back and was holding hands with my friend. Then I woke up. I was saddened by two reminders. One was that I fooled myself into thinking that I'm saddened about not being in a relationship right now and the other is the sad realization that dreams do not come true.
Postface (do those exist?): I'm just friends with this girl and don't have intentions of trying to pursue anything if thats what you're thinking, dreams mess with your subconscious more than your subconscious messing with your dreams in my opinion, but if you are reading this and you think its you, it probly isn't. I would have tagged you duh. Besides I had over seven different high school quarterbacks, it could have been any of them and how many friends that are girls do I have? Miles! (thats the spanish word for thousands, not my little brother, he spells it with a "y"). I have a mercucio view of dreams, you know queen Moab.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

DC Vlog

Inauguration Trip 2009 from Torlando Hakes on Vimeo.


I am really feeling burnt out today. I have a piece I've working on for the digital art show for probably the last six months and the art is done but I cannot get the presentation to work and it is frustrating the hell out of me... Now there is an interesting adage. Is the hell really being frustrated out of me? Or has it caused me to swear more than ralphie's dad from Christmas story, joe pechi in home alone and ol' semitti sam combined? I had to leave. I went for a walk. It was nice, it was a warm evening, got me out of my room away from my computer. But I still feel like I'm not refreshed and I really need a refresher. Anyway you can check on my progress at on a good day.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's snowing upwards

It's snowing upwards
I'm not sure what to think of that
It's slow and hardly blustery
And demands no fear
It's light and uplifting
I find that interesting
Because the walk to school
Clashes with that idea.