Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tread Carefully in the blogosphere.

People love to blog, I love to blog. Its my chance to say what's on my mind. There is some strange limitless feeling that it has. It could reach anybody. For example in January of this year one of my earlier entries, my friday night lights fan fiction was read by a moderately famous comedian and he got offended and I felt really really bad. Click here to relive this painful experience with me. Other than that, I'm not sure who else really reads my blog, I know Sean does, and maybe a couple others pop in to peak every now and then. Its really a humble blog, but are blogs really humble? Not according to Joel Beasley. And he's right. There is nothing really humble about a blog. Its an excuse, and our good brother joel beasley will second this, to say "hey world, look how interesting my life is", maybe he firsted that and I'm seconding it. Anyway, I have a blog and in recognition to my teenage sister who just learned the difference between pretentious and precocious, I don't feel the least bit pretentious telling you how oh so interesting I think my life is. Its so interesting in fact that instead of living it up with riotous living this very evening, the night before new years eve (the eve to the eve if you will), I am in my apartment alone, reading blogs and writing one in the process.

Have you ever just hit the little "Next Blog" button on the top of the window? Its reallly really reeaaaalllly lame. It just sends you to a different blog randomly, and I thought tonight, that this could be a fun activity. I could hit "next blog" button and then laugh and chortle at all of the quarky lame blogs, I could even guffaw at the supreme lameness. And I was dissapointed. They are lame, but not funny lame. Here is a list of the randomly selected blogs I viewed until I could take no more.

1) Bearded Brewing - This blogger from Minneapolis has a blog that is sort of about beer but not about beer at all, just a lame blog.

2) My Birdy Blog (An Ohio Lady's Bird Blog) - Just pictures of morning doves, those are everywhere, she didn't even write about them. Lame. (sorry if this is danielle christiansen's mom's blog, but its lame)

3) Xeneizados (La Web Del Campeon) - I was enticed by the prospect of a spanish blog even though I have no idea how to pronounce the name of it. Despite my excitement it was just soccer pictures, way to not self-stereotype. Lame.

4) Prejeto Camp - Brazilian, about some sort of camp for pop music? I don't read Portuguese too well, I don't know, but here's a picture!


5) Mhychha87.blogspot - You got me. Its in some language like turkish or russian, or Islamic. Maybe its well intentioned, but does anybody else see the "A" word screaming out in this graphic before anything else?

sort of awesome.

6) Coverstory-a.blogspot - Again, another language, this time in sandscrit or some other whosiwhatsit language. I don't know how this writing is even legible, even in typeface, and yet even they can't get over our dashing president!

7) Liulindid.blogspot - CHINESE! ARGH! And about investments! I felt like I was trying to stream episodes of The Wire from the internet. Can't understand you! Go back to your country! white pw'r. There was a photograph to clue me in a little bit.

The file name is ArgBill2.jpg, which means that this was this chinese person's second attempt at making George Washington look like he's rolling over in his grave, which means that the chinese are clearly laughing at the terrible state of the us dollar and gloating about how much they owned us these past couple of years. Dear Santa, how come we have to wait a whole 'nother month for our president?

So it seems that blogger has taken me around the globe to the various useless blogs in existence, can we get back to America please?
Blogger: Why sure young man, yes we can!
Now to number 8, which had the symbiotic benefit of my eyeballs for a whole two seconds.
8)southmainstreetantiques.com - That's right a crappy antique mall in the heart of Anderson, SC that uses blogger as a host for their website. South Caroline, ground zero of the Civil War, nothing says America more than selling old junk.

Thank you blogger, and HAP-PY NEW YEAR!

Friday, December 26, 2008

A Charlie Brown Christmas.

I feel like I need to preface this entry with telling you my two pet-peeves. My number one pet-peeve is having things on my bed before I go to sleep. I don't want anything put on my bed, I just want to jump in without having to clear it and be about my business. My second pet-peeve is putting laundry away, it takes forever! but I always do it because I hate having clean clothes on the floor and can't remember a time in my life when I've left clean clothes on the floor, maybe that's my third pet-peeve and there in lies the paradox. My point is, I left home from Christmas at my parents early so I could sleep in my own bed, spreading out couch cushions on the floor just wasn't cutting it for my back, so I come home, its now past 1:00am and I forgot that I left my apartment in such a rush that I threw my laundry on my bed thinking that I would be coming home in the day time and could deal with it then having a splendid rest and Christmas vacation. Now you understand the state in which I am writing this blog entry.

I watched a Charlie Brown Christmas this year twice in an attempt to figure out why I identified with Charlie so much this year. His concern for commercialism affecting his outlook on the holiday spirit and his search for true friendship and selflessness. This is a difficult quest and I feel like I'm at the point where everyone blamed him for ruining Christmas for buying that measly little tree. Perhaps I've been feeling this way since I was about 16, it was 2001, 9/11 affected my family in a strange way and I got a pair of jeans and two of the ugliest shirts I could never bring myself to wear. Every year seems to be somewhat similar. The commercial value of the gifts I receive affecting my thoughts of the intentions in which they were given. I think that those who give to me are trying to do their best, and its only my own selfishness and commercialized paradigm deteriorating the meaning of their gifts. I try to curb myself of this wicked thing, but again this year has become the Charlie Browniest. As the excitement of my siblings opening their new Xbox 360 and Guitar Hero and new mp3 players I got charlie brown crazy eyes just watching them, which was the subject of my previous entry. On Canada's Boxing Day, two of my sisters came over. They live in Indianapolis. My nephew also came. One sister got tons of awesome gift cards that are useful to her and my other sister who is still in high school, the precise age I was when I got the jeans and two ugly shirts, got a speaker and CD player set for her iPod and a 10.3 mp digital camera! My big gift this year was a toaster. Yeah that's right, a toaster. And I just bought a toaster like a month ago. The problem with getting a toaster is that it completely over shadows the other gifts I got. (which were Johnny Dangerously and Season 1 of 30 rock) OK, totally good gifts, sure, but no matter how old you are you can't stop yourself from comparing gifts. All the kids got DVDs and video games a plenty to cancel out Johnny Dangerously and 30 rock, so all I'm left with is a toaster that I don't need. And I feel rotten to the core for being so selfish and jealous, but this is what commercialism and the whole spirit of giving has done to me. I have come to expect each year that gift that will truly keep on giving, one that I see as just awesome, I don't want something I "need" I want something I want, something cool, I want a digital camera! Mine's from the stone age! And the LCD monitor doesn't work. But not a digital camera, that's just a metaphor. I gave good gifts this year too. I only wanted three things, a good pair of headphones, since mine broke, a decent mouse and mouse pad, that's all, and now you know why I feel so rotten, because I'm 23 years old I can buy myself those things and probably will next paycheck, and I theoretically don't care about commercialism, I believe its more important to give. Shouldn't my gift be that I gave my sister a clarinet and my brother the coolest cartoon to grace television (original ninja turtles) and to one sister the complete works of Kafka and to another a guide to the toddler years and to my mom a vegetarian cookbook and dad a basketball coaching book and I painted their rooms. That is all a very high retail value, and I got a toaster. And I deserved one good Christmas, in the past 7 years of learning the value of giving rather than receiving, or rather the past 7 years of the incalculable anticipation, excitement and expectation behind each red and green themed paper covering only to be dismayed. I deserved to end this year in crescendo after a grueling and trying año in defeat.

And now I type alone in my brisk room, to a lonely audience, facing a lonesome new year with no dear heart in existence to usher it in with and nothing but a toaster to show for it. Now before you feel the urge to scorn me in my comment box, don't you know self-deprecation when you see it, can't you see the self-discipline and chastisement? This is not self-pity, this is self-scorn and detestation for having lousy thoughts and feelings. I shewed gratitude and love to those who gave and felt shame for my thoughts of selfishness. I felt even worse that I was the one who bought a cheap toaster some two months ago negating the perfectly fine gift my mother bought me. Is this a mental manifestation of my postpartum with the wonder years? I feel much like our Mr. Brown who said in his final act of desperation, "O, everything I touch gets ruined!" The vicissitudes of Christmas joy have beset me, I am reminded of my lonesome and fallen state, and await the TLC shoddy little trees like me need, knowing already that it exists all around me. I leave you with this:

(47 Minutes Later)

The restlessness of this state of mind has kept me up into the late hours of the evening, I am unsatisfied with such a cynical view of this season and determined to shed myself of the heavy weight that selfishness tends to be. Ever so often a TV phenomenon is able to reach a universal family audience and open their eyes of understanding. I am reflecting now on the time that was shared with those I love so dearly. What a perfect occasion. I have a profound love for my family and gratitude for their well being. The incessant questions of when will I find a wife and start a family no longer penetrate but are had in good fun. The toaster is already becoming like the bald headed doll my grandma got my sister charity when she was nine years old that even included a brush and comb. I wish I received no gifts, they do nothing but taint the experience of family sharing true time together. Its as if Linus himself has come down my chimney and spread tidings of great joy and my meager tree has been dressed and trimmed and a children's choir has sung the chorus of angels. What could this TV sensation be that could change an escrooged heart like mine? I present to you:

Merry Christmas everyone.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's nice to still have kids in the family on Christmas

My younger siblings got a xbox360 of their own with guitar hero and it was a little bit like this:

ok, maybe not that awesome because they didn't realize there was another xbox in there but it just reminded me of it.

Merry Christmas again

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Make: Merry, it's Christmas!

My roommate Dixon MADE: a little electronic christmas card and aesthetically it needed a little help so me and our new friend David Stith decided to put our artistic minds and hands together to MAKE: this the best christmas card ever!

Monday, December 22, 2008

If you asked me if I watched dragon ball z when I was a kid, I would have to say yes I did.

a couple of stories here that I feel like need explaining. First off, I am not really a fan of the anime, never truly hopped on that bandwagon and I'm sort of glad about that, but if you go back to around 1996-97ish on saturday morning at 6 am, you would probably catch me watchin some dragon ball z acting it out. I didn't quite know what I was watching, all I knew was that these people with big ears, pointy hair and bow-tie mouths had special powers. That's all that mattered. And then my freshmen year of high school they started showing it regularly on toonami and I was then able to re hatch this gem from my tweenhood. Anyway when they stopped showing new episodes and started showing whatever the name of that other anime cartoon was with the dude with the white hair and pointy ears I said forget about it!
so now, its been 8 or 9 years since I've watched the show and I'm doin' my thang, takin a shedunk, and I've got my hipod streamin vids from youtubes. and I decide to type in dragon ball z in the off chance that someone will pick up my hipod and look in the youtube app only to discover that I've been watching a bunch of dragon ball z clips. Then I discover two things,

1) Dragon Ball Z Movie - Looks good in a Mortal Combat live action movie kind of way or that one karate show that used to come on saturday mornings on FOX kind of way, oh what was that show, it wasn't this one. I dont' know, if somebody figures it out leave a comment. (p.s. end the pretentious aspect ratios!)

2) My second discovery and probably much more important discovery, is the Dragon Ball Z rap made by either Spanish dudes or Argentinians judging from their accent. I really hope you enjoy this, because in the song they rap about the show to the T, I mean, these dudes are fans of the show.

Ok, got it. Dude goes by Porta and is from Barcelona, Spain. Here is my assessment of rap from spain, still not as good as french rap but the beat is better than reggaeton but reggaeton has better flows, (its the Mediterranean accent of the puerto ricans that does it).

Fell in love on Vimeo

You know its a sign that you've been INternetsing too much when you get your first INternets crush. And mine is the girl who drew this cartoon:

Story from North America (FULL VERSION!) from Kirsten Lepore on Vimeo.

If ya'll want to check out more of her things click here. She is just cute as a button. And you know I had to get her on the facebooks! woo-woo, that's that tail pipe whistle, woo-woo!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Adobe and IU

So my fellow students at iu are frantically downloading the adobe design and production suits as adobe and iu have worked a deal to allow every student to download them for free and I have cashed in. For most people, they probly just want photoshop so they can put themselves in pictures with lil Wayne or cover up some of that close up hair face (Sarah palin). But for me, I have a feeling that this is going to change my whole program. I am a digital art student and pretty much have need of nearly every adobe product but have only been using the more common programs like photoshop flash and dreamweaver. Occasionally I'll get down with some after affects but for my sound and video I've been using final cut and sound track pro but I have a feeling that will all change now that we are getting all of this stuff for free. Because why would adobe strike this deal without ensuring that the future of the industry is using their product? They want to be the industry standard and sabes que I sort of do too! Because check it. You can send the files you work with in and out of each program without rendering. That saves probably hours of time and increases flexibility with what you can do. Now I don't know the difference yet between premiere pro and final cut but the interface is sort of close and as hard as it is to part with final cut man if adobe starts giving their ish to other schools everybody is gonna come out knowin nothin else. For me, I hope my department changes it's course. And for everybody else on the school that gets it for free, depending on what you are going into you might have opportunity to use it in presentations or visual instruction. I think teachers and business men could really use some of this stuff. I mean personally I prefer a webpage presentation to a powerpoint and people can get to it easier after your done. So in short I think that my program is going to expand because we might be one of the best routes to learning all of this new software even though they've talked about workshops and what not. But seeing as iu is the first school to do this I'm just glad the cosmos brought me here.

Monday, December 15, 2008

At the Banneker again

Sittin here at the Banneker again waitin for 8:30 to role around listenin to kids argue about who farted and some beats I made in garage. Man they's some stanky booties.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

the best find ever!

so today my roommate devin and I went to the goodwill because we thought they were having their 50% off store wide deal and guess what, they weren't. And when I thought 2008 couldn't get any worse. bam! I find this:

you can't tell what that is you say?

Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm going to let everyone in in a little secret.

Alright, this is a little embarrassing but I still watch old episodes of the oc. I know what you're thinking, "you might as well try to become a rapper" and I've thought of that too. But we all need our distractions. We need to vedge out in front of the boob tube. That's why celebrities exist. They also exist for us to have examples on how to lead our lives. Is there a name for that? If not there should be. Watching the oc is like watching melrose place mixed with how cool I thought I was in high school without a girlfriend as hot as any of the girls in the show.
Sabes que You know what? My high school experience was very similar to the oc accept it sucked and was in Michigan. Now if you are still with me which if I were you I would have stopped around the melrose part and skimmed the rest but if you are with me still I'm going to draw upon some of the similarities.

1. I listened to a lot of music that I thought was some sort of unknown subterraineous type stuff but sabes que I didn't know better!

2. I had a serious infatuation with one of the most beautiful girls in school, the only dif is that I never got her.

3. I transferred schools and lived with my rich aunt and uncle for the last half of school, but that's more like the fresh prince of belair. (I watched that show last night and summertime came on the radio today)

4. I punched out tons of jocks. Ok I choked a guy once, chris davis, he reminded me of old dirty bastard and was a fellow jock.

5. My aunt and uncle had tons of parties on the weekends and all of the neighborhood parents always got hammered. (that one's kind of true but instead of newpsies they were soccer moms) do you know what the difference between a newpsie and a soccer mom is? Lipstick from target.

6. I made drawings of the girls I liked and put them into comic books (recommendation: never do that)

7. I had to save my girlfriend from O.D.ing in tiajuana, she shot my brother in the back and then I carried her dead body from a car crash. (ok, the only girlfriend I had in high school was better than me at dance dance revolution, and that's sort of saying something)

Hmm well I think that's it and that's all, I listened to a lot of phantom planet in high school as well so I was kind of lame.

And if you are just now tuning in, I was just telling everyone how awesome I was in high school and how glad I am that I am in college now and don't draw comics of girls anymore and have a really hot girlfriend in the art department and don't stay up late on friday nights watching old episodes of the oc. And this just in, my life is gay.