Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yes I love technology

Just to let everyone know I just found an application for my hiPod that lets me make a blog directly from my hipod to my blog yessir. That means I will be non stop blogging, yes I will.
I don't think I have anything imparticular to say today nothin more than the fact that I am wearing my taboggan on top of my head so that a little bit of the top poofs up. I always remember kids in my childhood doing that with normal hats but I couldn't because my head was too big.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My new vid entitled Looking for Yellow

I don't know if this precursory note has any thing to do with the video but maybe I will be able to tie it in, in a way that is communicable.

Today I went to go see Barack Obama speak in Indianapolis, and of course he was so well spoken, very articulate, a little professorial at times, but most of all, dreamy. I wouldn't say that the crowd was that hyped up about the experience, I mean, he was about an hour late and we were all standing for about three hours before he started. But when he started talking about the issues of education and jobs and health care, I really was reassured as to why I am voting for him. What else reassured my vote? The thought of John McCain. The more and more I ponder the idea of the "market will out" the more I don't believe it.

The thing that spoke to me most wasn't what Obama said but it was the conglomeration of people in the crowd. I saw a mom who looked to be upper middle class and a typical white person, as Barack might say, with her daughter, a four year old little girl and then I saw a black mother, perhaps middle-class at or around, with her daughter the same age. And the white mother saw the black little girl and said to her little girl, "go say hi" and she sheepishly did. I recently read a study about a couple of sesame street segments called "visting ieshia" and "play date". Each video had a child over a different race playing in the home of a friend who was a different race. Studies of the videos indicated that children watching felt that the children in the video were comfortable in their friends home while the parents were not comfortable with the visits. This is not because of the acting but because of the viewers idea of how their own mothers would react to a similar situation. At this rally, that was not the case. I also saw another pair of mothers and children one white pair and one black pair. These pairs were obviously friends but the neat thing here was that the black mother held the white little boy up in the air so he could see above the crowd while the black little girl cleaved to the white mother for warmth and perhaps protection from strangers she did not know. My thoughts draw upon Dr. King's vision of one day seeing little black boys and little black girls holding hands and playing with little white boys and little white girls.

I think that children who grew up in times of television revolution where they were shown that diversity is a beautiful thing and that friends can come in all shapes and sizes has shaped the way that the public views one another now. There are other reasons sure but I do believe that television is one of them. This is why I am so fascinated with tv and why I am interested in making videos in particular for children. Which brings me to my new video Looking for Yellow. In this video we have my little brother Myles going on an eye-spy search for the color yellow. In this video I've thought about all of the various meanings of the color yellow, according to theory, culture and society. I think culture is different from society in that, yellow in culture tends to be a symbol of celebration but society it is a symbol of caution. In theory it is a symbol of joy and happiness and I relate all of these meanings to a young boy searching. In the end he finds it within himself which is something that I believe. Happiness comes from within and as I wrote in my last video project, "the key to happiness is choosing to be so"

I hope you all enjoy.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

You ever have an invention and then it gets invented?

When I was about 10 years old I invented xm radio, but because I was ten and to this day have no idea how xm radio works I was slow to make it a realization. I also invented rollerblades with shocks in the wheels and a short period after inventing them, they to were produced and sold world wide.

Two years ago, working in Dominoes I had an amazing idea. Web cast karaoke competitions. It was going to be huge, I even had a guy write a karaoke player for me so I could put it on the web. Well myspace beat me to it with MySpace Karaoke. And its blowing up. And further more I personally cannot stop watching these videos of regular people at home. I feel like Ducie and Pee Wee would be all over this.

*to catch the link you'll need to open it up in firefox, and macs can't install the recorder which sucks.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Poem, A

One fly mammy is worth two not as fly mammies
I saw one walking so I pulled out swagger like sammy
Sosa can't speak good English and so can't I.
But she made a point of contact with voice and with eye.
"I like your fro" said she. I replied "I like you"
Dumb dumb diddily dumb dumb doe doe do.
I had to text sean a tell him I was hollered at.
He said "you didn't put game on her becuz you ain't got no swagger"
And that is a direct quote I ain't making that ish up
If the world was made of water and I was holding it you could say I dropped the cup
When does this chance come to me, not since nineteen ninety never
Have I lost my chance at a fly mammy like that forever?
The world may never know...
The world may never know...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

You might share my sentiment more if you have served a state side mission

So some people don't know this but Glenn beck is a Mormon convert. Some of you may have just lost a little faith in the Mormon church, some of you may be thinking alright rock on! But let's face it, none of you are thinking that. As for me? I love brother beck! I think he's great. I don't agree with a word he says on tv but I still love brother beck. And this is why. Brother beck is the kind of member that you want to bring on exchanges with you as a missionary. And like I said you may not completely get this post if you weren't a missionary for my corky church and culture, but brother beck would be great. Brother beck is hard to schedule for an appointment though, he's super busy, you might get him once or twice every two transfers but when you do get him it's awesome. And here's why. With broher beck you'll teach one of three options. A person who isn't as quick as the average person and so they just agree with everything he says or a person who is of reasonable intelegence and may even watch brother beck's show and so they just love this lesson and the principles are taught clearly and understood clearly. And then there are the ones that are relatively informed people on social issues but they are extremely liberal and brother beck, bless his heart is biting his tongue the whole time trying to avoid a political dicussion like the plague and he probably won't be able to fight it. Oh and there is one more type I forgot. That is the person who tries to argue against what we believe but don't really know what they believe and so brother beck is just making them look like an idiot because he's so annoyed by their ignorance. See, brother beck's attitude is completely dependent on the person who is getting taught. If they are quite and simple he is relatively quiet and rather calm for him and speaks on a rather basic level speaking of feelings and things that make sense. If they are resonably intelegent he speaks on their level and jokes around and is somewhat fired up in a good way about this lesson. If it's a crazy liberal you can tell he is frustrated and would like nothing more than to let the lady have it. And then with the dude that wants to bible bash brother beck is letting him have it. And then the ride back home is great because then you get the brother beck advise and commentary. If it's the first person he'll say well elders I hope she comes to church and reads but I get the feeling that she didn't really get it and was just agreeing to agree. Then the next one is, what a great family, I bet you they come to church and read. And that dad was a pretty smart guy, they'd be good members. The bible basher gets the, I wouldn't ever go back there again elders that guy is an idiot and all he wanted to do is bash, don't tell me you know what I believe better than I do. It's those kind of people that realy piss me off. Pardon my language elders. Then the liberal lady is the best because then you get to here all about what he really thinks about current events. He won't talk about his personal position around non-members because he doesn't want them to think that his political beliefs are what the church believes but to the mssionaries he will tell it all but it's not like the missionaries really get it cause they don't watch the news or read the paper. Maybe I'm of my rocker but I would do what it takes to get brother beck on an exchange.

Monday, October 6, 2008

OMG, what did this mexican just say?

Sometimes in order to reaffirm my blackness I make an "it's ok because
I'm black joke" (even though I deemed them not funny anymore
on this very blog) and sometimes instead of getting an "oh, it's Ok/funny
because he's black and it's true" reaction, I get an "OMG, I can't believe
this racist Hispanic would say something like that" reaction. I realize
that my new facial hair growth is a primary cause of my "look kinda
Mexican or some kind of Hispanicness", it's a trade off that I chose and
a man has to make decisions sometimes. When these unsure reactions
take place I feel somewhat tempted to say "oh no, it's ok because I'm
black. It's just a joke on social stereotypes, incomplete statistics
and embelishment of media portrayal. I'm not really a racist Hispanic."
But that explanation is just pretentious.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

oh ok

this post is brought to you today from the most stank ahh restroom on campus, in the fine arts building. Vegan doo doo is the worst.

I think I have figured out the source of why so many religious people are republican or rather why republicans are so pro-life. Back in the day when George h w bush was a senator he was against a law prohibiting abortion, which sort of makes sense, I mean isn't the idea behind conservativism that you deregulate, give choice to the tax payer and allow each man to practice their beliefs according to their desire? I mean that has to be why so many Mormons are republican because they believe in a society that is different from the rest of America for the most part and comming from the Utah perspective have a welfare system that works far better than the governments and so why would they want the federal government infringing upon a sound system? Ok so Mormons are covered but Utah has a whopping four electoral college votes so how can you get to a group that has more power but won't vote for your party? Adopt one of their beliefs. Remember how I said that bush senior was against regulation? Well that changed when he was vice president for Reagan. The theory was that by forming an anti abortion belief for the party that you would divide the overwhelmingly democratic population of Catholics who live in new York new England Michigan (electoral vote money) and get some of them to vote republican. Getting catholic support was important too because of the cold war and the fight against communism (I.e. Poland) and because of the kennedy's getting them was tough. But what it did do was make the rest of the country see the republicans as saintly and with values. Ironically enough, al gore when in the senate did not support abortion, he and his wife tipper(a strong believer in censorship i.e. The tipper sticker) were "pro life" but that changed when he joined the clinton ticket which was of the centerist mind set and vying for as many woman votes as feasable.

And that's what I think about when I'm takin a shedonk.

allinallitseemstanah, you don't know what you got til its gone.

today I began training for my new job at WTIU which was awesome, and as I was walking back to the institute I saw my good old friend and previous boss, joey baird. Since I had no business at the institute I decided to change course and walk with joe. He was on his way to the business school as he is doing his mba. it was because of the mba program that we stopped painting together. working with a guy for several years, seeing them everyday and them being the only person you really talk to for eight hours a day, you really get to know them and appreciate them as a friend. And then when you end that relationship for whatever reason (leaving on good terms of course) you miss them and when you finally get to sit down and have a good conversation and catch up, it is one of the most refreshing things ever. Joey Baird is one of my top five best friends of all time and I include some of my family members in that.