Tuesday, August 19, 2008

today I had a memory and that memory was the time that I was over at my grandma's house when she had the pool and I must have been about 8 years old. I told her that I had an idea for an episode of the power rangers. So, we decided to write it down and send it off. On that hot summer day I dictated and paced on the pool side and grandma wrote in short hand.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

hola gente

I am really having a hard time finding the frickin' scanner on this computer, oh I figured it out, let me attend to that now..............................nope, aint workin'. I hate when things don't stinkin work. That happens to me sometimes. no sierve. no funciona! sabes que no sierve!!!!!!!!

This leads me to ask myself a question, what do i do when stuff doesn't work?

I think the first thing I do is swear in my mind grapes. I do this because I try to avoid vocal swearing unless it is for the purposes of comedy or cussing out a stupid baby, and by baby I do mean an actual infant. But this is all softcore cussing.

Then, I say, alright then, do I really care? And normally I don't care. This is because of the inherent nature I have that tells me although I have great potential in life to do something great and better than anyone else, its still just easier to live at my mom's house and do nothing about it.

The third thing I do is wait until the last minute until someone says I need this by tomorrow at noon or else...
I don't see this as procrastinating the solution to my problems but rather an act of planning and scheduling. I have an allotment of time given to me. Many of you may have a similar allotment, I don't really know the national average, its somewhere around 24hrs a day or something like that, I'm not that sure though.

Then I fix it.

So thats the key to fixing your problems, it involves a lot of not caring and not scheduling.

life as a black man.