Saturday, October 27, 2007

Why Devin the Dude?

So I went to the Del show last night and it was good, there was Knobody and A Plus and Junk Science and it was real good, but the night took a weird turn when Devin the Dude and Coughee Brothaz came up on the stage. I guess I'm out of some loop, because I had know idea who they were but they were really popular with almost everyone there, but they were terrible. I mean I'm not one to really enjoy that dirty south, tick tick tick beat but then coupled with way to many people on stage and two topic sets (weed and vagina) and then it seemed like they played the whole discography, I don't know I was just expecting something different from a venue which in whole is suppos't to be some of that old school stuff. It was like everyone had something to say and then the Coughee Brothaz showed all the ladies what their vagina's were made for.

But here's the thing, not withstanding my extreme distaste for devin the dude and the coughee brothaz, I kept thinking, if they look down and see that I'm not feelin it and they call me out on it I would really tell them that they were tight because I'm sure they would take me out back and beat me.

But all in all Del was tight. and today the secret agents won, that's my basketball team.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The ForeEar

Last night I saw this dude who put a prosthetic ear on his forearm, an artist named stelarc, and one more reason why I am convinced that white people are crazy. Who puts an ear on their forearm? and I touched the dang ear too, it felt like cartilage.

Today I got a little stressed out because of this lady. She kept walking into our work space when we least expected her to and she kept hearing the wrong part of our conversation and so now she tries to hint at getting a good deal from us on our paint job. Well one day joey was in there and she walked in thinking it was me and she said "hey boy" trying to get my attention, but then she realized it was joey. Joey later recounted this to me at which point I informed him that that was a racist remark. He replied "I thought it might be but wasn't sure." I then told him it was how slave owners addressed their slaves. He then agreed it was a racist comment.

white people, the reason they built projects was not to help impoverished black people have shelter but rather to provide shelter for themselves outside the parameter of black social groups. And it was the Scientologists that made this idea up too because they wanted everything to be like battlefield earth where john travolta and forest whitticker try to get the black people (or in the analogy of the movie/book, people) to get all the gold for them. Well maybe they thought they could fix the mistakes of the book or maybe they thought that it was some sort of self fulfilling prophecy, but short story long, its going to back fire, because black people are moving to the suburbs too, like my family. and the mixed family next to us, but they fit the stereotype a little better than we do.

Curses Tom Cruise, curses.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Post numero uno

This is my first blog on blogger, (sounds like frogger, prolly doesn't have a crossing the road complex like frogger though) I think i've done two or three blogs on myspace but I'm tired of getting myspace emails.

so today I had class, and my teacher who happens to be japanese gave me this book of the hayao miyazaki museum because I did a plaster sculpture that reminded her of his work. After i thought about it, it seemed to resemble those little wood spirits in princess mononoke. You know the ones that are really cute and cuddley from afar but up close their heads start rattling and you think eww. The book she gave me was in japanese and she said "I know its in japanese so you probably can't read it" to which I replied "nihonguga wakarimas" which was a lie. Then I though "oh is this this guy's house?", then I realised it was a museum. but then I got all inspired and junk, and thought to myself, I'm going to make my house a huge piece of art.

man artist are stupid.