Monday, February 22, 2010

To My Friends

Hello, so if you are a follower of this blog and/or website I would like to inform you that I've integrated this blog with my personal website and will no longer be using this platform. So if you were subscribing to this blog via the rss or atom feed then the changes I've made will affect you. If you still wish to subscribe to this feed, go directly to and click on the subscription buttons or click on this link if you sub with bloglines.
Thank you and I hope you continue to enjoy my bloggin.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A cat smoking a cigarette

Another short poem I thought of tonight.

Tonight as I drove home,
I saw a lot of cats crossing the street.
I thought I saw one smoking a cigarette.

A kid I remember

This is a short poem I am writing about a kid I remember from kindergarden.

When I was in kindergarden
There was a kid who was in a fire as a baby
Half of his face was burned and his right arm was gone
He also had no right ear.
I remember feeling sad that he couldn't properly do the pledge of elligience.
Or it was the other side of his body and I remember thinking, he lucked out because he can still do the pledge of elligience.
Memory is alive that way.
We also shared a locker together.
Later on in life I found out that he was really good at soccer.
I always thought he was from India but now I'm thinking he was probably Hispanic.

The end.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Something Wrong with this Picture

So I was on my daily internet browse today when this pop-up came along to entice.

I almost clicked to win, but then I noticed something. Who can tell me what it is?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Professional website

Hello world!
I've got my new portfolio website up and running for the most part
Not sure if that's a link since I'm using a moble app to write this but if it's not then I will fix it later.
You will notice when you open the page that it includes my other blog miles of smiles on the home page. So those two things are merged now and the rest of the site holds my art work.
So the new site will be a place for a more cohesive blog and portfolio and torlando today will continue to be the rediculousness of my happening and stories from work and other rantings.
Thanks and I hope you visit the site!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Raphael Saadiq "Let's Take a Walk"

take a walk outside from videos222 on Vimeo.

I'm not sure why I decided that this would be best on this blog, but I did. I'm not sure that I'm even crazy about it. I do love doo-wop, but maybe I don't like such obvious throw backs, you know, maybe I want something a little more subtle. I feel like this kid has just watched the VH1 Temptations movie as much as I did and told the director I want that. I could be wrong... but those were david ruffin glasses.

I think my main point this evening is that there is a shift going on in the pop world. And I don't know if I mention this at all but I feel like everything is going back to the 50's. About five and half years ago I started to make this change in myself. I wore more casual slacks and shirts with collars. But at the time it was just my mom and dad asking me why I was dressing like an old man. Since that time I've gone back and forth in between jeans and trousers, but after my late night online shopping spree I'm totally going for it. I bought nothing but slacks and sweaters and a beautiful hat that I just learned is shipping. This hat:

I'm no trend setter though, I'm just a guy who dresses kinda weird and then all of a sudden is a complete trendster without changing a thing. Its used to bother me in high school but then I went through that I don't care what people think of me stage, but now I'm in that I do care what people think of me, but in a healthy way. What I'm really trying to say is, I'm bout to look goooooooood.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


When I was in the eighth grade I had a science teacher that asked the class what was the smallest size mirror that you could use and still see your whole body. I thought, well, I suppose as long as you were back far enough and you could still see the mirror, then it could probably get pretty small. She said no, and that the mirror had to be at least your exact height and width in order to see your entire body. That was when I stopped trusting teachers to come up with real facts. I went home that night to test her theory only to find out that it was incorrect. Today I figure the only science she really valued was the science it took to give her enormous fake boobs. The tough thing is, you can't teach kids that sometimes their teachers are teaching bogus material. That would be a scenario when the exception became the rule. And kids will do that, so you never teach the exception, you only make them.

I remember another time in elementary school when I was taught something by a teacher that didn't have much authority behind it. There was a boy in my class that made fun of me for something, I can't really remember, it had something to do with an overhead projector. And later on that day she tried to explain to me that emotional scars last longer than physical scars. And she sited and emotional example from her life and a physical example. She had some scar on her hand and said that the scar would eventually go away. I thought, well you're pretty old and if it hasn't gone away yet, IDK, but I didn't say that to her. Around that time it became popular amongst boys to scratch a small layer of skin off the top of your hand as a test of strength. We were boys, what do you expect? Looking at my skin to day I can still see a faint scar of where I tested my manhood and yet I have no clue as to how that boy offended me. All I remember was that I was at the overhead projector and he said something. And the only reason I remember who it was that said anything was because he was really good at basketball and could nearly dunk on an eight foot rim, which I can sort of do now. Thinking of those two "scars" neither of them are really that big of a deal.

In conclusion, I'm not saying don't trust teachers, because they can be helpful, but do realize that some of them are really full of crap. So maybe this is a message to teachers, don't be full of crap or some kid is going to call you out on it, and maybe that emotional scar will last longer than any physical laceration, but I doubt it because at the end of the day, you have a job, an education, a car, house, maybe not a lot of money, but good benefits, and you are an adult.